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Aerial view of the Stanford campus

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Stanford University is proud to play an active role in the life of our community, providing education, world-class research, the arts and economic opportunity.

Working closely with local residents and county government, Stanford is seeking an updated General Use Permit that will guide how Stanford uses its land and addresses housing, traffic and environmental concerns. If approved, the proposed General Use Permit will provide Stanford flexibility to develop academic and housing facilities over time, allowing the university to respond to innovations in teaching and research.

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Planning for our future

Research at Stanford

Research and learning

To allow Stanford to remain on the forefront of education and discovery as existing academic disciplines evolve, the university proposes an annual increase in academic facilities consistent with Stanford’s historic growth of academic space.
A PhD student and his family play with wooden blocks in their on-campus housing

Campus housing

The availability and affordability of housing is a critical challenge in our region. The proposed permit would allow the construction of an additional 3,150 campus units.
Students explore the Foothills area

Open space

The proposed General Use Permit only requests development within the university's core academic campus. Stanford is not proposing development in the 2,000 acres of land it owns in the foothills.