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Update - 11/1/2019

Stanford has withdrawn its long-term land use permit application and will focus on deepening engagement with local communities. Read the statement.

Sustainable Development Study Supplement

Santa Clara County prepared the Sustainable Development Study Supplement (SDS Supplement) as a planning exercise to discuss how much Stanford could grow beyond 2035, which is the anticipated year for full buildout of the proposed 2018 General Use Permit. It “does not reflect any specific or proposed plans by Stanford.”

The report verifies that Stanford can accommodate future academic and residential facilities on its campus over the long term by continuing to prioritize sustainability and employ smart land use practices. Resource constraints would not present an obstacle to Stanford's growth for many years beyond 2035. Such constraints would be re-evaluated before Santa Clara County considered any new development that Stanford might propose in the future.

View the Sustainable Development Study Supplement Fact Sheet

View the Sustainable Development Study Supplement

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