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Update - 11/1/2019

Stanford has withdrawn its long-term land use permit application and will focus on deepening engagement with local communities. Read the statement.


Oct 23 2017 | Stanford News
Stanford proposes to fund four bikeway improvements for neighboring communities in tandem with its pending General Use Permit application. The improvements are designed to coax more employee and community commuters out of their cars and onto their bikes.
Oct 9 2017
Santa Clara County has issued a draft environmental impact report on Stanford’s application for an updated land use permit extending to 2035. A public comment period now begins.
Jun 15 2017
Catherine Palter, associate vice president for land use and environmental planning, discusses Stanford’s application for an updated General Use Permit, which will guide the physical development of the campus through 2035.
Nov 21 2016
The university’s application to Santa Clara County anticipates housing and academic space needs out to 2035. Stanford will continue to place a priority on sustainable development and alternative transportation strategies.
May 6 2016
Working with neighbors and local governments, Stanford is beginning the process to propose to Santa Clara County an update of Stanford’s campus land use permit. Initial meetings to solicit community input are scheduled for early June.