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Update - 11/1/2019

Stanford has withdrawn its long-term land use permit application and will focus on deepening engagement with local communities. Read the statement.


Nov 26 2018 | Stanford News
The construction activity around campus is part of the university’s efforts to add on-campus housing and provide academic facilities that foster better research and learning outcomes. Students, faculty, staff and visitors often ask the question: Why is there so much construction on campus? The...
Sep 28 2018 | Stanford Report
The region’s housing crunch is proving to be a challenging issue as Stanford continues discussions with the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors on the university’s proposed General Use Permit, which forecasts facility needs through 2035. A vote this week by the Santa Clara County Board of...
Aug 7 2018 | Palo Alto Online
Stanford's application to Santa Clara County for a renewed land-use permit has initiated a robust community discussion about the role Stanford plays in Palo Alto and our other local communities. We welcome the dialogue, and we appreciate the opportunity to engage in a constructive and fact-based...
Jun 15 2018 | Stanford News
Catherine Palter, associate vice president for land use and environmental planning, discusses how Stanford is addressing housing challenges facing the university community as part of its application for an updated General Use Permit.
Jun 1 2018 | Stanford Daily
Housing is a critical issue facing Stanford and the surrounding region and was the subject of a recent series of articles by the Daily. We’d like to describe how Stanford is approaching the housing challenge as it relates to the University’s application for a new land use permit.